Fitness Instructors

Active4less Havant

Chris Woollacott Active4less Havant

Chris Woollacott

"I have always been passionate about sport, exercise and fitness".

Claire Active4less Havant

Claire Turner

"In 2010 I realised I had a passion for teaching fitness and so it began!"


Elena Active4less Havant

Elena Whitefield

"I like to be active and enjoy all aspects of fitness and sport"

Gabby Active4less Havant

Gabby Aquilina

"My aim is to get people coming to fitness classes regularly"

Chris Woollacott Active4less Havant

Kate Rammell

"I have been teaching for over 5 years with a Exercise to Music qualification".

Kris Active4less Havant

Kris Bird

"I’m thrilled to be instructing a couple of Performance Spinning®"


Lisa Active4less Havant

Lisa Lancaster

"Body Conditioning is simply the complete workout that suits eveyone"

Gabby Active4less Havant

John Handley

John is our Duty manager at the gym and a master Personal Trainer.

Toby Redington Active4less Havant

Toby Redington

"The classes I run are really fun, high energy and challenging".

Emily Active4less Havant

Emily Pilat

"I try to make sure that there is an element of fun to each of my classes"


Duncan Active4less Havant


"I love fitness & Boxing, which is evident from me at each of my classes"

Duncan Active4less Havant


"I particularly enjoy aiding others to achieve their fitness goals."